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Ok it seems people misunderstood what I was going for in my work and some seemed well they said I should change some things. So you wanna know what folks.I will in a way both remake and reexplain it to better help you guys out. so what you might have read so far about the plot is gonna be the same but here are what the changes i can make so far.

rules are gonna be remade around to better help you guys out and to make this more fun.

Rule 1: kinda the same as before but I guess I used the wrong word or words to best explain it. you guys aren't like giving or signing your characters over to me or anything. If I had to find the right words it would be more like your giving me permission to broadcast your characters live to my followers on PSN. so really im not taking them its more like your signing like a permission slip to go on a field trip. now this permission is temp meaning when two of the conditions have been met I will either come to you again to obtain the permission to continue use or you may come to me as vice versa. Now the first part is obtained when the Season ends. When it ends your character goes into what we call a retire. when that happens as I said before either you or I will send a message to the other to reobtain continued use in the series. the other Condition is based off the PermaDeath Rule. When your character dies their use ends at that, But When Permadeath is obtained as a result then Permission for that OC is cut off indefinitely meaning they can't return. but as stated before all you do is give me permission to host your characters onto my channel and series nothing more, you don't lose your characters you have my words.

Rule 2: Permadeath is pretty much real in this series everyone. When your character is dead, they are dead for good, no coming back as zombies, or mutants or anything.

Rule 3: almost any type of OC is usable here, Per example if your character was a Neko and you submit said oc to this I will make a small adjustment to merely say they were a helmet to cover up this fact from others and such like the helmet covers their ears and all. If you wish not to submit an OC of yours you may make one up just for this, and If you lack the creative juices to make any others. Then look in the mirror, Your yourself are an OC, There is no one like you and you may submit a liking of yourself to this Series.

Rule 4: As the story continues Changes may be made to your characters profile to help show their experiences through out the series as they develop from the battles they go through, however certain changes cannot be undone once they have been made, such as modifications

Rule 5: as the date and time. Well once I get enough submissions from everyone the launch date will begin, as for such

Rule 6: now this one I must reshow you all Follow all the rules as shown and fill out the Information sheet. Now for your characters when you submit them to me for the series make sure you send them into a note with the title "Awaiting Orders." that means you followed the rules, If you submit them in my comments or journal or if you put it into your gallery or such the profile will be denied right off the bat and won't be allowed to enter the series. I still retain the right to deny your character if things don't look well or such.

Anyway onto the other part of this is that I'm going to broadcast using my channel as a buffer. What will happen is I wanted to make this feel more like a show and such but I guess that would be unfair if not stupid to everyone, So I apologize for my greed on that part. anyway more onto this is that my fellow fans on PSN almost to maybe a couple hundred who watch me on PSN. Now I'm gonna broadcast on youtube so that should allow it to save it. Now while you can still watch the broadcast live Youtube should allow it to save so that way all of you who wouldn't be able to watch the live broadcast or such well now you don't have to worry about the time. Now I will still you know update each episode of course.

Now this is optional to join or watch you know? you will be given credit for being a contributor or a speaker. a contributor is when you submit an oc to the series. Your character will have a link to your account here on DA so my fans know who I have shown to have joined this series. as for a Speaker, a Speaker is a person who will extend my reach to other people. you know help me get more people to join or watch.

Stay Tuned for the new and improved Character system and Sheet, Also some of you thought this is an RP it isn't it's a Tv series. for all to enjoy


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Glad that you liked it and thanks for watch.
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Ayo Dingo, by any chance will you send me another note with the stats put in or...?
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yea sorry i was just low on drive so im kinda on the slow part of this. i do plan to get it up and going again
Jennifer0012 Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2016  Student
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